Encountering problems with your Bussora? Don't worry, we've got you covered! There are basically four things that can go wrong with your watch and we have a solution for each problem.

Is your question/problem not listed below? Please read our FAQ or get in touch with support.

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If you have damaged your watch case, you can send an e-mail to support with a picture of the scratch and/or dent. However, keep in mind that damages to the watch case caused by the consumer or a third party are not covered by our guarantee and that repairs of cases can be pretty expensive.  


If your watch stops working, chances are the movement just ran out of juice. Please, before contacting us, replace the battery of your watch at a experienced jeweler in order to avoid scratches to the case. Is your watch still not working? Please contact support! The movement is covered by our two year guarantee. 


Our smooth ZULU straps are made of the soft yet durable calf leather. The straps are cut, stitched and branded by hand. Since leather is a natural product, our straps can age over time. If you're not a fan of aged leather, we recommend to take good care of your strap and to avoid water at all cause. If your strap is too old or to worn down for your taste, we recommend to change the strap with a new one.


Scratched or cracked the glass of your Bussora? Whoops... Don't worry, we can replace the glass of your watch. Please mail us a picture of the broken glass in order for us to give you a quotation. Replacing the glass usually costs around €50, depending on the damage. 

Our Guarantee


Each watch comes with a two-year international warranty on the movement. If your watch stops working within two years after the date of purchase due to a malfunction of the movement, we'll repair your watch for free! 

What isn't covered by our warranty?:

  • battery life

  • the watch case

  • water damage 

  • the strap

NOTE If your watch stops working, chances are the battery died. Our Miyota movement is very reliable, so malfunctioning movements are quite rare. 


Bussora creates unique timepieces inspired by the first watches in existence.


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