Before the invention of the first aircrafts at the beginning of the 20th century, pocket watches were the way to go. However, after the first flights in the history of mankind, the pioneers of aviation wanted to track the time without the hassle of grabbing a watch out of their inner pocket. To solve this problem, various watch manufacturers started to develop watches that could been worn around the wrist, making sure that pilots could keep their hands on the yoke.


These first watches were basically pocket watches equipped with wire lugs on both sides, and strapped to the wrist with a leather strap. Pilots started wearing their watches on a regular basis and because of the fame and respect pilots earned, civilians and enthousiasts also started to wear wristwatches instead of pocket watches. Inspired by these first pilot watches, the Classico pays tribute to the early days of aviation.

Classico Verde Militare

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  • The case has a diameter of 44MM (without crown and wire lugs) and a height of 9MM. It weights 52 grams.