Bobby Constantinescu


Bobby is the CEO and the first founder of Bussora. 

Before dedicating all his time and attention to the watch making industry, he was the CEO of a Dutch publishing office. Bobby is now responsible for Bussora's sales activities, marketing and service and support in all markets and countries.


Bobby has earned his masters degree in Criminal Law and Corporate Law at Utrecht University in The Netherlands.

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Giovanni Calamita


Giovanni is the Chief Design Officier and the second founder of Bussora. 

He studied Fashion Business at the most prestigious school of the Netherlands within this domain and worked several years for a Purveyor of the Dutch Royal Court. Giovanni is the designer and the inventor of the Retro Pilot and Bussora's corporate identity. 


Giovanni is also responsible for Bussora's marketing activities and he manages all of the social media accounts. 

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Elisa Calamita


Elisa is the graphic designer of Bussora. 


Elisa studied Illustration Design and graduated at art academy ArtEZ in Zwolle, The Netherlands in 2018. She was nominated for the ArtEZ Academy Award and since then she had several expositions.


As a freelance illustrator and designer she tells and visualises her own stories and those from customers. Her skills vary from logo designs, corporate identity design, animation, interactive design, web design, as well as illustrations for books, paintings and drawings handmade and digital. 


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Bob Beckers


Bob creates a big part of Bussora's social media content, as well as the commercials for Instagram and Facebook.

Just like Bobby, Bob goes to law school at the University of Utrecht. In his spare time, Bob likes to travel the world and to discover new and exciting places. He enjoys documenting his spectacular trips and this makes Bob a very important asset for La Squadra.  

Bob knows exactly how to capture our philosophy on camera and how to give substance to our vision.

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Andrey Phrokhorov


Andrey is without doubt the best 3D artist out there.

Andrey is a freelance 3D artist that works with various brands and creates fantastic 3D images of their products.

Andrey played a huge part in the design of the RetroPilot. A big part of the images you see on our website are created or rendered by Andrey. With his experience, Andrey gave our watches the finishing touch that makes them just perfect.


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Esli & Lauri


Esli and Lauri are the image of the Bussora timepieces. 

Lauri and Esli met Bobby and Bob at law school and remained friends ever since. Because of Lauri's love for aviation (she even considered becoming a pilot) and Esli's love for watches and photography, they where the best duo for Bussora.  

Don't they rock the RetroPilot too well?

Bussora creates unique timepieces inspired by the first watches in existence.


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